PLACE: A local place of business that is unique to Rochester and has its roots in our area. Local chains that have expanded outside of Rochester will be reviewed.

EVENT: A local experience that is unique to Rochester with a major draw for the entire community. If it is a national/international event, it must be uniquely different on a local level in some way, shape, or form. Examples: 

LANDMARK: A local place marker that is unique to Rochester and is visble to the community as a point of interest or wayfinding (not utilized as a business). Examples: buildings and historical monuments.

SITE & CREATIVE: A local artist, creative, and/or small community group that may or may not have a main physical location. Examples: local artists, local websites, consultants, and community groups.


PHOTOS: All submitted photos should be high-quality .jpeg or .png files preferably in the following sizes:

-Featured image: 1500x600px
-All other photos: 1000x667px

If you are unclear as to how to best submit photos your photos, please email them to [email protected]

WRITE-UP: Please submit as much concise information as possible for review. Keep paragraphs to 4 sentences or less with a max of 3 paragraphs.